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EasyVEE app

Setting up oxygen dosing in medical settings

Factory Mind for Flow Meter, a medical company


Help care workers dose & mix oxygen in ICU

My role

UI Design


Half day


High res mockup & dev notes



A human-centered research process is necessary to make great products. As designers we must then use our own ability and experience to transform research data, models and emotions into successful products.

Yet we must negotiate, compromise and adapt our process to the circumstances. In this case, due to the short time and funding available things were hurried, while trying to deliver quality in a quite sensitive environment.


The client provided me with a a device manual and a logo.

Easyvee is a valve that mixes oxygen to air and regulates the gas flow that then is inhaled by the patient.

The device (Venturi unit) works as an high flow driver (booster) for high flow oxygen therapy through the use of HFNC or for CPAP, and it requires the gas supply from an Oxygen source.

Schematic rep. high-flow oxygen device and its components

High-flow oxygen device and its components

The EasyVEE valve
EasyVEE logo, yellow and aqua
EasyVEE logo, monocolor


The care worker types the patient’s data and the valve’s settings in the app. Whichever value is missing is calculated by the app, so the care worker can ensure that the device is properly setup.

More in detail, the care worker can select the following parameters:

  • PEEP set value
  • Total flow of the mixture to be supplied to the patient
  • FIO2 value necessary for the ongoing therapy

Once the PEEP valve pressure is set the oxygen flow value needs to be set along with the patient’s oxygenation level.

Then the calculator does its magic allowing the operator to safely adjust the flow meter and the knob that regulates ambient air intake.

First iteration over sketches

First iteration over sketches

Just placing things on screens really gets the juices flowing

Sketches second iteration

Second iteration

Easyvee can be applied to both single and twin oxygen flow meters, there’s no need for a menu screen as valve settings can fit in the bottom navigation


  • A simple app to calculate the appropriate mix levels

  • Input 2 values a third is returned

  • 2 kinds of flow meter, allowing mixture of medical gases

  • Regulate flow capacity by patient’s oxygen levels

Main screen, EasyVEE

Main screen

EasyVEE Value picker

Value picker