Hello, I hope you doin' good!

I'm Alberto, a designer
who loves to craft phenomenal stories

I study human behavior to make technology.
My latest fascinations are human-centered machine learning and participatory design.

 Alberto Gloder

What do people say about me?

"I have worked with Alberto on many challenging projects, where he constantly proved to be very innovative, precise and a huge team player professional! He does not settle for the norms, rather he enriches the projects that he is working on with the most ingenious features and solutions!"

- Milomir Vucinic

"Alberto is excellent! I had the pleasure to teach him during his HCI master at the University of Trento in the UX and Design Experience courses. Alberto is creative and well organised. He loves what he is doing and strives to make UX special. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. If you are looking for a UX consultant I can tell you Alberto may be the one!"

- Antonella De Angeli

"In Alberto we found a collaborator who knew how to interact with our software development team in a serious and professional manner. He gave us valuable contributions: from research to strategy, from design to front-end development. Over the last year he has helped us on many projects and has demonstrated speed of execution, quality, reliability and also a healthy sense of humor that strengthened the effectiveness of the collaboration."

- Alessandro Sasia

Alberto right here


I find great happiness in designing with motivated people, achieving depth in the problem at hand and making a difference for someone. I strive to build meaningful relationships made of trust, set clear expectations and exceed them. I also love crazy colored shirts.

I recently completed my master’s degree in HCI at UniTN, prior to that I worked in a business services company for 2 years. Since 2014 (6+ years) I’ve been lending my UX expertise to all sorts of businesses on the side.

I love doing UX Design, Interaction Design and Product Design. My background is purely HCI. Among my HCI research interests are its combination with CSCW, initiatives to involve people in positive collective activities (participatory design), persuasive computing and behavior change.

Outside of work

I love discovering new cooking recipes, videogames, tv series. Over the years I have spent effort for animals, people in jail, lgbtqi+ and social causes impacting the local areas where I have lived. I always try my best to let my design practice be influenced by my social experiences, growing as a facilitator and as a person.

Probably listening to this (privacy badger / adblockers break this btw)

Currently - playing around with Spline 3D & watching Ozark!

Awards and fun stuff

1st place, Thalathon 2020, Novartis, @ H-Farm, Treviso, IT. 🙏

1st place, ASEA-UNINET Students Week on Sustainable Development challenge, Depok, ID, 2019. 🙏

3rd place, UX Challenge, UniTn, Trento, IT, 2019. 🙏

My teams were awarded every design award available in my MSc degree curriculum.

Gloder, A., Zancanaro, M., & Ducceschi, L. (2020). A Language-based Interface for Analysis of Digital Storytelling. In Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI ‘20), Salerno, Italy. ACM, New York, NY, USA.

In 2019, me and my peers at the MsC Human-Computer Interaction started IDSA, the Interaction Design Student Association, to enrich the curricola with more design activities and network students with interesting opportunities.

 Alberto Gloder

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Bassano del Grappa, IT

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